Who We Are

Omni Healthcare is the expert in financing and servicing medical lien receivables. We serve and connect attorneys and healthcare providers to personal injury patients who are in need of medical treatment, yet may not be able to afford health insurance or cover the costs right away. It is our mission to provide you with the tools and network of people you need so that you can move on towards your next order of business.

Medical Providers

We partner with medical providers to aid personal injury patients who may be unable to pay the costs for treatment. Omni Healthcare is able to ensure providers are being compensated for their care.


Is your client in need of medical care but cannot afford health insurance? Omni Healthcare will help you get your client the treatments they need while increasing your case value and maintaining low costs.


Are you need of medical care but lack the funding to receive it? Omni Healthcare is here to help you get the treatment you need and cover your costs until compensation can be made.

Why We Exist

Omni Healthcare exists to help customers like you bridge the gap between your medical needs and financial reality. Don’t just take our word for it,
here is what some of our past customers have said:

“We turned $240,000 of personal injury receivable into cash within 5 days. OMNI Healthcare provides a fair price and limited paperwork.”

“Our MRI centers were waiting up to 2 years for payment on legal case receivables and in many cases, forced to take reductions. OMNI Healthcare increased our cash flow and reduced our receivable risk.”
“We sold unpaid emergency room receivables for patients without health insurance and collected cash that may never have been collected. Thanks OMNI Healthcare, you are the Medical Lien Experts.”
“Our medical group receives payment in advance of surgical procedures for patients that do not have health insurance. There is no risk of collection and the process is so easy. We love OMNI Healthcare!”

We Partner With

Partner Hospitals that receive patient funding from OMNI Healthcare


Imaging centers that receive medical lien financing from OMNI Healthcare


OMNI Healthcare Physical therapy provider with personal injury patient

Physical Therapy

Surgery centers that sell their existing lien receivables to OMNI Healthcare and convert them to cash


Chiropractors who partner with OMNI Healthcare and receive medical funding for their personal injury patients


OMNI Healthcare partners with attorneys


Frequently Asked Questions

No. You are not obligated to accept our funding until you sign our receivable transfer letter.

OMNI Healthcare purchases medical receivables at a discount to their full value. We do not charge application fees of any kind.

The time frame varies from 24-hours to several days. We work diligently to approve patients and medical providers as quickly as possible.

OMNI Healthcare has been in buying medical receivables since 1999.

OMNI Healthcare has the most experience and expertise in this specialized business and our volume allows us to provide the best pricing.

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Our team of qualified medical financing experts can work with you to provide immediate cash flow so you can continue providing necessary medical care.

You can speak with us at

(877) 633-2439

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16905 Northcross Dr Suite 300
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Toll Free: (877) 633-2439

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