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How Can Omni Healthcare Help Your Clients?

At Omni Healthcare, we help build valuable legal claims by reducing gaps in treatment and providing essential funding for medical procedures. We do this by managing a medical provider’s lien in order to serve your cash-strapped clients who wouldn’t receive adequate medical care as the result of a personal injury. By working with our partnering medical providers nationwide, we can offer direct payment for the medical services your client may need immediately through a proprietary underwriting process. This underwriting process ensures we can remain reduction-friendly and help strengthen attorney-client relationships.

Why Partner With Omni Healthcare?

With a quick response time and high speed of service, we regularly help plaintiffs receive the medical care they need while strengthening their personal injury case. We offer a single point-of-contact to streamline communications and help assist you in being a liaison for medical providers.

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We partner with attorneys to provide a quick and fair settlement

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We streamline and tailor communications and provide a quick turnaround time.

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We establish mutually beneficial partnerships with attorneys and medical providers.

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Evaluate the Case

Speak with one of our medical financing experts by calling (877) 633-2479 to get personalized recommendations for your case.

Patient Receives Care

We will help the patient receive care so they can get the medical care they need prior to a settlement.

Manage the Financials

Omni Healthcare will manage the financials of the case from the medical provider’s lien to absorbing the 100% non-recourse loan.

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We can help your case!

Our team of qualified medical financing experts can work with you to provide financial coverage for your client needs for medical treatment.