Gain Access to Prescriptions After an Accident

After an accident, the bills start to pile up for a plaintiff. Luckily, plaintiffs, attorneys, and medical providers can turn to OMNI Healthcare for surgical funding and prescription coverage. We believe that uninsured accident victims deserve access to medication. That’s why we offer a Pharmacy Card Program in which patients can receive their prescription medications on a lien.

Each pharmacy card can be used for valid prescriptions under the designated plan where medications have been prescribed by an approved physician for the sole purpose of a personal injury claim or case.

How does it work?

If a medical provider finds that certain treatments or prescriptions are medically necessary for a patient after an accident, the last thing a patient will want to do is jump through hoops to receive and pay for that treatment. OMNI Healthcare has created a process that is simple and straightforward for patients, attorneys and medical providers alike.

Here are the steps a patient will need to complete:

  • Complete our online order form

  • eSign lien and user’s agreement

  • Receive a digital pharmacy card instantly

  • Take the card to any of our 65,000+ pharmacies

  • Pay the bill when the case settles

  • Post-surgery care

Gaining access to prescription medications following an accident has never been easier. Get started on an application by visiting

Learn more about the benefits

The cost of prescriptions can quickly add up. Especially, if a patient doesn’t have insurance. That’s where OMNI Healthcare steps in. There are many benefits to taking advantage of our pharmacy card program, including:

  • No upfront cost to patient, attorney, or physician

  • No copay, coinsurance, or deductibles

  • No out-of-pocket expenses

  • Included in the damages to your case

  • Paid out of the proceeds of the settlement

  • Non-recourse – if a case is lost, we won’t bill the patient

A patient shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for their prescriptions while they wait for their settlement. Get medications on a lien by turning to OMNI Healthcare.

Where can our pharmacy cards be used?

Patients don’t have to stress about not being able to use their pharmacy card at a multitude of pharmacies. The OMNI Healthcare Pharmacy Card Program connects patients with over 65,000 pharmacies, including but not limited to:

  • CVS Health

  • Walgreens

  • Rite Aid

  • Costco

  • Kroger

  • Walmart Pharmacy

To obtain a comprehensive list of participating pharmacies, visit our partner website at and use the pharmacy locator for a list of pharmacies in your area.

Looking for more information? We encourage patients, medical providers, and attorneys to call 877-633-2439 or email us

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