How Can OMNI Healthcare Connect You With Financial Resources for Healthcare?

Have you recently been involved in an accident? Do you need surgery, but haven’t received your settlement? You’ve come to the right place!

When it comes to providing funding to pay for healthcare related to an accident or helping cover expensive insurance deductibles, OMNI Healthcare is the expert. Our goal is to connect attorneys and healthcare providers to personal injury patients who are in need of medical treatment. However, these patients may not be able to afford health insurance or cover the costs right away. That’s where we step in. Our mission to provide you with the financial tools and the network of people you need so that you can focus on the next steps.

Explore surgical funding options

After someone’s been involved in an accident, their first instincts will be to connect with their attorney and if they need treatment, their medical provider. In the meantime, however, they may not have access to the financial resources they need for:

  • Vehicle repairs

  • Financial responsibilities

  • Attorney fees

  • Emergency medical care

  • Surgery

  • Post-surgery care

That’s why OMNI Healthcare offers surgical funding. For 19+ years, we’ve been helping make sure uninsured clients get the care they need while simultaneously making sure that providers can offer the medical care patients need and get compensated quickly.

What is surgical funding or medical lien financing?

Medical lien financing offers an opportunity for uninsured patients to gain access to pre-settlement funding for costs and fees associated with a surgical procedure that’s medically necessary.

What are the benefits of getting surgical funding through OMNI Healthcare?

Here are a few reasons to turn to OMNI Healthcare for surgical funding:

  1. We don’t charge applications fees.
  2. We’ll work with your provider to make sure you receive care in a timely manner.
  3. Our process is simple and saves everyone time.

Need more information? Contact OMNI Healthcare today by calling 877-633-2439 to speak with one of our financial experts.

What will our financing program cover?

These days, deductibles are steadily going up, medical providers are less inclined to offer care on liens and insurance companies are extremely aggressive. OMNI Healthcare creates an opportunity to help patients needing the best possible care while they await settlement.

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury can be daunting. And the medical expenses can quickly stack up. Count on our program to alleviate patient costs associated with medically necessary procedures, including but not limited to:

  • Orthopedic surgery

  • Physical therapy

  • Diagnostics (MRI, CT, etc.)

  • Pain management

Whatever your patient’s or client’s surgical needs may be, we will make the funding process as simple as possible.

Choose OMNI Healthcare to be your reliable financial resource when it comes to surgical funding or medical lien financing. We’re proud to work with patients, medical providers, and attorneys alike.

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