How Medical Lien Financing Works

Count on OMNI Healthcare to help you understand the steps you should take to secure the medical care you need through medical lien financing. Learn more below.

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1. Seek Out a Medical Professional
After an accident, the first thing you should do is seek expert medical care from a medical provider you can trust.

2. Talk to Your Lawyer

Once you’ve gotten the initial care that you need, speak to your lawyer right away. They will start the process of gathering the necessary information to establish your personal injury case.

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OMNI Healthcare_Medical Lien Financing_Don't Stress About Insurance

3. Don’t Stress About Insurance

OMNI Healthcare understands that medical insurance is expensive. We help close the gap between your financial position and the medical care you need.

4. Count On Us for Financial Support

OMNI Healthcare has established relationships with thousands of medical providers. We work with them to make sure you get the medical care you need by financing your medical lien upfront while you wait for a settlement pending the conclusion of your personal injury or workers’ compensation case. 

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OMNI Healthcare_Medical Lien Financing_Get the Care You Need

5. Get the Care You Need

OMNI Healthcare takes care of all your related medical expenses. Rely on us for chiropractic care, physical therapy, surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, medication, and more.

6. Let Us Handle the Details

OMNI Healthcare works with your healthcare provider to pay for your healthcare needs. Count on us to act as the liaison between your medical provider and your lawyer while you focus on getting better.

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6. Await Your Settlement

Once your case settles, we’ll work with your attorney to collect the costs of your treatments.

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