MedChex Shows Appreciation at The Battery

This past October, MedChex had the pleasure of hosting an appreciation event for clients, partners and friends at The Battery Atlanta in Atlanta, GA. Connected to the Braves Stadium, The Battery offered a great opportunity for clients, partners, and associates to enjoy two floors worth of recreation, games, food, and cocktails. The entire event was recorded in the video above and captures what a success the night was.

Partners were encouraged to share what MedChex means to them and how they’ve benefited from the partnership. Read what some of the guests had to say below, or watch the video above.

“In my experience, they can see [the] big picture on the case, they can see [the] big picture on the relationship and are willing to work with the lawyers and clients on the backend when it comes to resolving the case.”

“The biggest thing I love about them and fits my model is that it’s all about the patient.”

“I would never use any other company other than Global or MedChex for my client’s loans…”

Based on the event’s turnout and the feedback from trusted partners, it’s clear that MedChex has become a leading authority in funding, financing and servicing medical lien receivables for personal injury cases. After 14 years, they are still the number one choice for a long line of dedicated partners.

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