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Depending on the specific needs of your practice, OMNI Healthcare ensures that one of our carefully constructed programs will offer the solutions necessary to improve patient care, increase revenue, and allow for better practice management. Read below to learn more about our individual programs and find the service that best suits the needs of your practice.

Medical Lien Financing

Medical providers are able to sell their existing lien receivables and convert them to cash. OMNI Healthcare will buy the bill of active personal injury patients and absorb the risk, so the provider can focus on patient care.

Service Receivables

Our qualified team of experts will help ensure that pesky, long term medical lien receivables run its course through our various departments in order to maximize recovery.

Why Partner with OMNI Healthcare?

Increase Productivity

Our team monitors the process of clients’ settlements to save time and paperwork for your staff.

No Upfront Costs

We do not receive any payments until you do.

Increase Cash Flow

Our proprietary system increases collections and lowers your loss rate.

Simple Application Process

Our online application process takes 30 seconds to complete.

Receive Client Referrals

We do not receive any payments until you do.

Slide “When it comes to Personal Injury Case Management, the team at OMNI sets the bar extremely high. As a provider of diagnostic care, it is very important to have case managers that are responsive and up to speed on the latest details of the client’s case. At OMNI Healthcare, each case manager is thorough, experienced, and easily accessible at all times. The OMNI team goes above and beyond to ensure a provider like us has a pleasurable experience working with them and that we get the information we need in a timely manner. We look forward to continued success working in partnership with OMNI and their team of exceptional case managers.” Chief Executive Officer, a diagnostics services company

We Partner With

Partner Hospitals that receive patient funding from OMNI Healthcare


Imaging centers that receive medical lien financing from OMNI Healthcare


OMNI Healthcare Physical therapy provider with personal injury patient

Physical Therapy

Surgery centers that sell their existing lien receivables to OMNI Healthcare and convert them to cash


Chiropractors who partner with OMNI Healthcare and receive medical funding for their personal injury patients


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Through our programs, OMNI Healthcare is committed to enabling your practice to offer the best possible care to patients without having to risk financial losses. To contact us, fill out the form or reach us at
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