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OMNI Healthcare is proud to continue to build on the unmatched medical lien financing services that ChiroCapital has been providing for over a decade. Our goal is to help chiropractors improve their patient base and cash flow by taking over a portion of their medical lien portfolios.

We understand that a strained medical lien portfolio can keep chiropractors from being able to provide their patients with the care that they need and deserve. Count on us to evaluate and help you manage your medical lien portfolio.

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How does our process work?

OMNI Healthcare will evaluate and take an assignment of your outstanding medical lien portfolio, helping your practice generate cash flow and eliminate the collection headache. The process is simple.

  • You contact our medical lien finance experts.
  • We utilize our proprietary case tracking software to determine loss rates.
  • We evaluate your portfolio to determine how much of it we can purchase or how we can manage your portfolio on your behalf.
  • We wait for your client’s medical injury case to settle. If the case isn’t won, we’ll assume the loss.

It’s that simple. OMNI Healthcare is building on the decade of relationships with law firms and medical providers previously built. That’s why you can count on us to have the knowledge necessary to establish the right relationships, make the right recommendations and settle liens efficiently.

Medical Lien Financing

In addition to medical lien financing for hospitals, OMNI Healthcare also offers medical lien financing for chiropractors. We’ll evaluate your existing lien portfolio and make you a cash offer based on our underwriting results. We have a proprietary database containing records for over 80,000 attorneys that we use to track their personal injury cases for win/loss rates and reduction requests and compare these to the national average. This allows us to underwrite your portfolio and offer you top dollar for your receivables.

Medical Lien Servicing

In addition to medical lien financing, OMNI Healthcare can manage your personal injury receivables to reduce your overhead and maximize your revenue. With over 10 years of experience at managing medical lien receivables, OMNI Healthcare has the means to maximize recovery. We use our proprietary system and personal customer service to professionally manage your personal injury receivables. If you want to get the most out of your medical lien receivables and reduce your overhead then this is the program for you. OMNI Healthcare only charges a small percentage of the recovery, so the more we recover for you, the more we make together. Our interests are exactly aligned with our customers.

Why Choose OMNI Healthcare?

  1. No Upfront Costs. OMNI Healthcare doesn’t get paid until you do. OMNI Healthcare is not a collection company. We put no pressure on the attorney to settle the case for payment. In the event the case does not settle or there is “No Recovery” OMNI Healthcare will assume the loss and not collect from the attorney or the client. We work closely with the attorney at the close of the case to settle our medical bills fairly based on the case proceeds.
  2. Increase Cash Flow, Decrease Collections Headaches. Our proprietary system will help you increase collections and lower your loss rate. Receive cash in as little as 48 hours for your medical lien portfolio. Eliminate your risk by selling cases individually or in bulk.
  3. Increase Productivity. By taking a portion of your medical lien portfolio off your plate, you and your employees can focus on productivity elsewhere.
  4. It’s a Simple Application Process. Our online application process takes minutes to complete, simply provide your the patient and attorney information and we take it from there.
  5. Receive Client Referrals. OMNI Healthcare works with thousands of attorneys who often have clients in need of a provider to get the care they need. We craft a joint marketing effort with our attorney base to increase the referrals to your site.

We Partner With

Partner Hospitals that receive patient funding from OMNI Healthcare


Imaging centers that receive medical lien financing from OMNI Healthcare


OMNI Healthcare Physical therapy provider with personal injury patient

Physical Therapy

Surgery centers that sell their existing lien receivables to OMNI Healthcare and convert them to cash


Chiropractors who partner with OMNI Healthcare and receive medical funding for their personal injury patients


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