CORELinQ Innovations Partners With MedChex To Bring Faster Cash Collection Options to Clients With High Attorney Patient Referral Volume

For Immediate Release

Birmingham, Alabama – August 3, 2015 – CORELinQ Innovations is proud to announce its partnership with MedChex to integrate its attorney patient funding program within RISLiNQ, the flagship radiology information system within CORELiNQ’s suite of products.

Attorney referred patient volume has one of the longest outstanding payment lifecycles within radiology. Facilities often turn down such patient volume due to the negative cash flow impact it has on cash management efforts, including the write-offs of aged receivables.By activating MedChex’s one-click referral system within RISLiNQ, customers will now have the ability to initiate MedChex’s patient funding program that will facilitate the receipt of funds to cover attorney referred patients in need of radiology services. As long as the patient has attorney representation and there is a provided letter of protection, MedChex will pre-fund the patient’s diagnostic care.

“CORELinQ has made it no secret that we are committed to providing our clients proven solutions to help them grow their referrals, increase their reimbursements and reduce their aging account receivables”, stated Harsha Hatti, President and CEO of CORELiNQ Innovations. “We have remained true to this commitment by partnering with MedChex. Our customers no longer have to turn down referral volume from attorneys out of fear of lengthy payment cycles and higher receivables. MedChex gives them peace of mind that a funding source exists to help them remain efficient in their cash management efforts”.

Rob Kraus, President and CEO of MedChex, noted “MedChex’s partnership with CORELinQ now makes servicing this referral base simple – all it takes is literally one click within the RISLinQ application to initiate the process. Additionally, MedChex stands ready to work with RISLinQ customers who are interested in having MedChex purchase their outstanding receivable accounts that stem from personal injury cases.By liquidating these receivables, cash is made immediately available to clients to fund their practice. It is a true win-win for all stakeholders in this program”.

About CORELinQ

CORELinQ Innovations is a healthcare technology company led by a seasoned group of individuals, averaging nearly 20 years of industry work experience in radiology technology, healthcare operations, compliance, client relations, account management, research/development and finance. The company has four key divisions, CORELinQ-Innovations, CORELinQ-Labs, CORELinQ-Pharma, and CORELinQ- Ventures. The firm offers a suite of industry-leading products and services, including image distribution/viewing, report management and distribution, fully integrated RIS/billing, and RCM services to improve workflow and reduce costs without compromising patient care.

About MedChex

MedChex is the leading authority in funding, financing and servicing medical lien receivables from personal injury cases. It is the mission of MedChex to provide a broad range of healthcare services to uninsured personal injury patients as well as provide healthcare facilities with needed cash flow by purchasing and/or servicing their outstanding medical lien receivables. MedChex will accept all of the financial risk so that medical providers can be paid upfront for their services and patients can receive the highest level of medical care available.

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